On behalf of our dedicated and compassionate team at Atlanta House Health Care, we thank you for your interest and support of our home healthcare services. Since inception, we have been committed to providing the finest in-home skilled health and personal care to patients in need throughout the Atlanta metro area. We are honored to work with some of the most highly regarded physicians in the area who know they can depend on and trust Atlanta House Health Care to care for their patients.

What you can expect when referring a patient to Atlanta House Health Care:

  • Efficient and easy coordination of all referrals, typically clients are contacted within 24 hours.
  • Professional and courteous cooperation between our staff and yours to implement the care you requested.
  • 24/7 monitoring of vital signs for patients requiring greater oversight.
  • No unnecessary paperwork or communication from our staff.
  • Timely response to changes in orders.
  • Complete dedication and professionalism from our staff of medical professionals and caregivers.
  • Option to review and electronically sign all home health documentation online or via fax.

To refer your patient, click here to download the referral form or contact us, 24/7 at 404-920-8672.

From all of us at Atlanta House Health Care, we look forward to working with you and your team!

Our Credentials

  • Atlanta House Health Care is a Georgia State licensed and Medicaid certified Private Home Healthcare agency, and approved Georgia Pediatric Program Provider (GAPP).
  • All Atlanta House Health Care staff undergoes extensive pre-screening prior to hire, including background checks, reference checks from previous employers and professional colleagues as well as a pre-employment health screening evaluation. Each of our staff members is fully insured and bonded.


Choose quality home care and peace of mind

What is Home Health Care?

Home Health Care is the service that permits individuals to receive both long-term and short-term skilled medical or personal care in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Being able to remain in one’s home can often quicken recovery and improve the quality of life for both the patient and the family. In order to meet all your Atlanta House Health Care offers both types of care.

What is the Difference Between Home Health Care and Home Care?

When you’re applying for Medicaid, it is important to decipher what your exact needs are to better understand what you’re entitled to. On a basic level, home care involves the day-to-day non-medical tasks needed by someone who can no longer provide it themselves. This includes Personal care assistance and medical appointments assistance and transportation.

Home healthcare, on the other hand, describes the medical requirements needed and performed. This can include Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Medical Social Workers and similar services.

Who will be my loved one’s Professional Care Providers?

Our Skilled Nursing Team is comprised of Registered and Licensed Vocational Nurses. Additionally, each of our personal caregivers is thoroughly screened, bonded and insured and is CPR certified. Our Personal Care staff is comprised of Professional Caregivers (PCG), Certified Nurses Aides (CNA) and Certified Home Health Aides (CHHA) so you can be assured you or your loved one is receiving the best care possible. In addition, we require our caregivers to participate in ongoing education and training programs so they are current and knowledgeable in their field of expertise.

Do I get to pick my caregiver?

Pairing the right caregiver with a you is equal parts skill, science, and insight. We’re experts at matching our clients and our caregivers. We combine best-practice staffing principles with a rich understanding of our caregivers’ personalities, skills, and strengths. Of course, we consider each client’s needs and preferences when matching our caregivers—and will be sure you’re happy with your caregivers and Care Team.

What if my family member doesn’t get along well with the caregiver?

Atlanta House Health Care will work with your loved one and family to ensure that a “good fit” is a priority for everyone. Health and well-being is not only about the finest medical and personal care but it is also about having a good relationship with the person(s) providing that care. In addition, every attempt to satisfy specific requests for a certain caregiver will be made and, if at some point the patient prefers a change in caregiver, we will do or best to implement that request immediately.

How much does Personal Care services cost?

In-Home Care is a cost-effective alternative to hospital or residential facility care. With home care, you pay only for the services provided, and receive those services on a one-to-one basis. Costs for Personal Care depend on the amount and type of care provided. If the patient needs only the assistance of a personal caregiver, those costs would be less than that of a registered nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse.

What type of services can be provided at home?

Many medical conditions that previously required hospitalization can be treated safely and equally effectively in the home. Our in-home medical services include but are not limited to:

  • Cardiac Care
  • Orthopedic Care
  • Diabetic Care
  • Wound Care
  • Catheter Care
  • Patient Education
  • Lab Testing
  • Intravenous Management
  • Telehealth Monitoring
  • Anodyne Therapy
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Because of in-home personal care services, many individuals can remain and thrive in the comfort of their own home greatly adding to their continuing quality of life. Our in-home personal care services include but are not limited to:

  • Meal Preparation
  • Assistance with Bathing and Dressing
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Transportation to Medical Appointments
  • Medication Reminders
  • Assistance with Ambulation and Exercise
  • Companionship
  • Pet Care
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • One-on-one Care for People Who are Hospitalized
  • Respite for Family Caregivers

Do I need a physician’s order for in-home care?

Yes. All in-home nursing services require direct orders from your physician and are carried out under their supervision, just as though they were in a medical facility. As for personal care services, orders are not needed. In many cases, Personal Care services will be prescribed by your doctor but it is not mandatory. The staff at Atlanta House Health Care will help you determine the type of personal care services that would best suit your needs.

What’s the difference between live-in care and 24/7 care?

Live-in care—which is not available in all states—is when a professional caregiver resides in the same home as the care recipient, being available as needed to provide support and help with daily activities and personal care. 24/7 care is round-the-clock care in the home provided by a team of professional caregivers.

What is the difference between “skilled nursing” and “personal care?”

Skilled Nursing is prescribed by the physician(s) and is the in-home extension of medical care provided in the hospital or other care facility. Skilled nursing care is provided by fully trained and licensed medical professionals.

Personal Care Services are life-style support services that do not require specific medical therapies or treatments. Bathing, cooking, transportation, grocery shopping, pet care and light housekeeping, are some examples of Personal Care services.

Do you only service seniors? No, we are passionate about client care and gladly assist children, adults and seniors in need of care. We also are an approve Georgia Pediatric Program Provider (GAPP) and assist “medically frail” children under the age of 21.

My family doesn’t qualify for GAPP. Is there any alternatives to help pay for care? Yes, We the Katie Beckett Waiver may be right for you.

What is the Katie Beckett Waiver Program? Katie Beckett waiver is for children under the age of 18 with disabilities or complex medical needs. This program is for children who are not Medicaid eligible because of their parent’s income or assets.

Can you assist us in getting approved for GAPP or Katie Beckett? Absolutely, we will meet with you to obtain all the information needed. We work directly with GAPP providers to get you approved quickly and stress free.

Can I receive both skilled nursing and personal care services

Yes. In many cases, when in-home skilled nursing care is prescribed by the physician, personal care services will be recommended as well. Our team of skilled-medical professionals and personal caregivers work together to ensure all of our patients needs are met.

How can I be sure my loved one is in good caring hands?

First and foremost, Atlanta House Health Care is both a Georgia State licensed and Medicare certified home health agency. All of our staff members undergo extensive pre-screening prior to hire, including criminal background checks, reference checks from previous employers and professional colleagues as well as a pre-employment health screening evaluation. Each of our staff members is fully insured and bonded.

Is the home caregiver supervised by anyone?

Yes, both our skilled nursing staff and our personal care staff are under the supervision of the directors of those divisions. All of our staff are in daily communication from the field with their supervisors and, in turn, the supervisors will implement any program changes, etc., deemed necessary. Weekly staff meetings bring everyone together to review patient needs and changes. Supervisory staff will also periodically visit or call to make sure everything is going okay. Should a concern arise, the director of nursing will take care of it. She is ultimately responsible for everything that goes on in the home, and is available 7 days a week.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract for care?

No, we don’t require a long-term commitment so you can cancel at any time. Please note that cancellation fees may apply.

What happens if my care needs change?

If there’s a sudden change in condition and corresponding care needs, we will promptly modify your Care Plan. Our Care Team also makes periodic visits to the home to reassess care needs and will make updates and recommended changes to your Care Plan to ensure that your loved one has the right level of care.

Who Pays for Home Care?

For skilled nursing care, Medicaid, Managed Care, Private Insurance and Private Payors all can pay for services. These services must be ordered by a physician and may only be covered for a specific amount of time or “visits”. Personal care is usually only covered by Long Term Care Insurance, Workers Compensation and/or Private pay. Custodial care costs are determined by the type of care needed by each individual client. Please check with your insurance company for your personal care benefit coverage.

What hours are in-home services available?

In-home services, both skilled nursing and personal care are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This flexibility has proven to avert unnecessary trips to the emergency room. Atlanta House Health Care does it’s best to accommodate all your scheduling needs.

What is respite care?

Respite care is a type of home care that gives the primary family caregiver relief so they can rest, recharge, and take care of their own health. A professional caregiver can help for a few hours a day or a few days a week, providing short-term or long-term respite care to support families caring for a loved one at home.

We know how important evaluating the cost of senior care and home health care assistance can be. But cost is only one thing to consider. Compassionate care and quality service delivered by trusted professionals can bring comfort and support to your family.

The most common way to pay for home care is private pay. But some services may be covered by a variety of benefits and programs. Contact us to request personalized pricing for the services you need to help keep your loved one in the place they call home.

How to Pay for Home Care

Helping you figure out how to pay for your in-home care services is part of our job, and our insurance specialists will verify your benefits eligibility.


Private Pay (by credit card or check)

Contact us and we can provide the hourly rates for our care services in your area.


Medicaid is a state government program that provides health insurance and medical assistance to people who meet income eligibility requirements. If you have Medicaid, we can help you understand for which services you may be eligible.

Medicaid waiver programs help people who are elderly or have disabilities live in their home or community instead of an institution such as a nursing home or intermediate care facility for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Waiver Programs | Georgia Medicaid

Workers’ Compensation

If you need home care because of something that happened on the job, your employer’s Workers’ Compensation benefits may cover some or all of your home care service costs.

Health Insurance

Depending on your policy and coverage, your major medical insurance provider (such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, and others) may pay for some, or all of your home care services.

Veterans’ Benefits

If you are a U.S. Veteran, you may be eligible to have the government pay for medical treatment, personal care, and assistance at home.

Long-term Care Insurance

If you have long-term care insurance, your policy may cover certain nursing and personal care/assistive care services that are not covered by Medicare or traditional insurance.